Sunday, July 14, 2013

Front Yard & flower-bed project DONE

I am going to show various pictures of the entire front yard and the final finishing touches. 

 These two pictures show the area around the flag pole and our angel.

This flower bed is closest to the street.  A large maple tree.  We placed the little white cross in one end where we have two shades of sweet potato vines.  There are 2 patches of money grass and the dirt area in between has early spring bulbs that have already bloomed and died.  Around the end of the tree trunk are some big orange day lilies.

TThe area along the walk has these bushes and a bayberry thorn bush that has not grown well because it doesn't get enough sun.

The picture below is a large bayberry thorn bush on the other corner of the garage

 The old battered mail box we took down.  Mickey repainted the black wrought iron base.
 We purchased a new, bright white mail box and I did the lettering on both sides. 

 The front porch that needed a face lift.
 Mickey, hard at work as always!!! It is reddish and has a rough texture.  Took 2 coats and we love it!!!
A CREPE MYRTLE with rust/dark green leaves and a very dainty pink bloom.  It is going to be sooo pretty as it grows BIG.

 The finished porch.
The (almost) total front view. 

My dear husband worked so hard on this and we are so very pleased and happy with how it turned out.
Thanks for following along with us!!!
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Barbara said...

Looking forward to seeing it all matured!

retha said...

Very hard work, and beautiful end result, so fresh and happy. I like that large bayberry thorn bush, look like it has a 'happy' colour too.

Mari said...

It looks so nice! I really like the look of the porch and I must admit to being jealous of your crepe myrtle.