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Christmas 2013 - #3 - HOMEWARD BOUND

December 26th and last day - Family time of fun and sharing,  David took Marc to the beach where he surfs which is north of Vero Beach. Mickey & Jerry walked the 1/2 block from the house to the beach several times.  Marc, David & Jerry all went to the putting green to hit balls and for Uncle Jerry to give them tips on golfing, since the boys are just now getting into the game for real.

 We took 2 cars and drove to the main beach strip for breakfast.  Mickey & I chose to go in David's new car as he showed off all the bells and whistles and we enjoyed the ride and the sights.  
 This is the 1,000 piece puzzle I purchased for Karin & I to put together while the guys did their thing.  Here we have just gotten the pieces all turned over.  You can see the table cloth and center pieces all push back to make room for this project. 
 We did not start working on it until about 3 that afternoon.  This is how far we'd gotten at bedtime.
 Our progress by bedtime on 2nd day.
 Karin putting in a piece as we are nearing the end.
 FINISHED!!  I think Karin is going to seal it and hang it on the wall since they have little on the walls yet in this new big home, after the small condo in San Fran. I started out working on the Yellow portion and Karin started out working on the Blue Clock the first day but the next day, and until we finished it we found ourselves changing chairs and focus quite a bit. 
 Son David, Granddaughter Oksana, Grandson Aric & Son Marc.
We were so sorry that Daughter Jacque and Granddaughter Jessica did not get to go and had to celebrate together in Tulsa.
 6 of our wonderful family of 8
 Good-byes to Dad.

The weather while in Florida had been warm and sunny on the first day, but was cool, and overcast on the other 2 days.  This was a disappointment to us as the guys wanted to see David surf and they also wanted to go to the Putting range more....but this time was all about family and it did not disappoint in the least.

December 27th - Due to the delay and road construction near Memphis Marc routed us on a different more Southern route for our return trip.  We took 3 days returning, instead of the 2 days coming, so it would be a little easier travel time. Started out at 7.10 a.m. and headed out toward Tampa and the Gulf area.  By 7:17 we were in heavy rain again!!  It was an uneventful day of heavy highway driving starting on the Florida Turnpike and then Interstate 75 and Interstate 10 until we reached Crestview, FL about 500 miles.  We arrived at our Hampton Inn about 3 o'clock and just relaxed, watched TV and went out for dinner. 

Marc looked up restaurants on his smart phone as we wanted to have a nice leisurely dinner at a nice place.     
Johnny O' Quigley's, 
An Irish Pub fit the bill - especially with a waiter named Doyle.
Sorry for the dark pictures but this place was jam packed with really neat deco and antiques and interesting things hanging and displayed every where.

Marc & Aric waiting for our meal to be served

Back to the motel, watched TV, relaxed and were asleep by 10 p.m. 

December 28th - We once again rose early.  Had a nice breakfast at the motel and hit the road at 7:17 a.m.  We entered Alabama at 9:05 a.m. and once again found ourselves in POURING rain.  By 10:20 when we got into Mississippi it was still pouring.  After leaving Vicksburg and crossing the Mississippi River we entered Louisiana at 2:25 p.m. and it was finally dry!!!!

The drive through Louisiana was scenic, as we worked our way Northward, and enjoyable as we went through a quaint little town called Mer Rouge, then Bastroup. At 4:08 p.m. we crossed into Arkansas.  When Marc called for reservations at The Hampton Inn they were booked up so our reservation in Pinebluff was at the Holiday Inn Express.  After another long day and ride we were all tired, and had snacked along the way at gas fill-ups, so we opted to stay in our room and not go out for dinner. 

December 29th - Since we only had 325 miles until home we slept in late and took our time getting downstairs for breakfast.  We were Oklahoma bound by 9:35 a.m.   Mickey & I were home by 2:30.  Marc & Aric had to stop by Jacque's and pick up Sasha, their dog, and deliver Christmas gifts so they did not arrive home until about 3:45.

It was a hard 2 days going, a wonderful 4 days in Florida and celebrating a special family Christmas, and 3 days returning.
It's always fun to go, but there's NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

A great family Christmas to be remembered!

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Mari said...

What a wonderful vacation! I know this time will give special memories to all of you.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas with your family! Happy New Year!

country girl said...

Glad that you had a wonderful time with family.
Glad to hear that you are home safe

kc bob said...

Sounds like a great vacation Susan. I am flying down t Florida on Tuesday. I need me some heat!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. I'm so sorry you encountered so much rain though. I know all of you will never forget this trip and will hold each memory forever in your hearts.

retha said...

See Mark and Aric are in the colour for Irish.
I knew it would be a long drive!, happy for your sake you could split it up like that.
If the rain does not come heavy I like to travel in rain. To me it gives the travel a more cozy feel.