Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas 2013 #4 - BIRTHDAY

What a Christmas - Birthday 2013 was!!!

I have, over the years, had many people say how horrible it must be to celebrate my birthday on Christmas.  I have never found that to be true from my parents and early childhood and growing up, to my marriage, my husband and my children making it very special .  
Christmas presents have been opened and now it is time for me to open my birthday gifts.  David, the host for this grand 4 day Florida visit, wanted me to open his and Karin's gift first.  And, besides it was the BIG sack I'd been wondering what was in it.

My brand new Dell Optiplex 760, with Windows 7 Professional software, keyboard & mouse.  Look at that grin....David is as pleased & happy as I am. 
Next came the beautiful worded card from Marc, and since I always cry when reading them they HAD to get a picture of my ugly cry face!
Opening Marc's gift.  A beautiful silver bracelet with turquoise and other beads from Kairos 10.  "Kairos" means "the appointed time in the purpose of God."
The card accompanying it read "Your purchase provides a life-saving mosquito net to a family in Africa to protect them from the spread of malaria.  Each piece is handcrafted by native African women with beads from various native regions.  Through a unique partnership with these women, they receive sustainable income to provide for their families."
Photo's out of order but nothing would do but David set up my new computer!!
For me to sit down, log on and check my fb!!!
The silly birthday card from Mickey that said "You're the greatest" and then "sang", very loudly about me being a rock star, etc.!!!  We were ALL laughing hard.  Notice Marc's bracelet on my arm. 

Liz Taylor's White Diamonds Perfume, my favorite from Jacque.

 This says it all!!  I am loved by this family and they show it to me in every way possible, not just gifts and materially, but in their actions.
Silver 24" chain was my birthday gift from Mickey.
Three new Pandora charms to add to my wonderful bracelet this family gave me for my 75th birthday last year.  
Shiny ruby & crystal orb is from Mickey for Christmas. 
Blue orb with hearts is from Aric.
Sterling Silver Palm Tree is from Jessica 
(To represent this Christmas 2013 in Florida)

Yes, my 76th Birthday is "1" to remember.

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Mari said...

Not only are you loved, but your family is very good at showing it. Wonderful time, wonderful gifts, wonderful family!

Momma Roar said...

I think the palm tree charm is my favorite - what a great piece to remember a fabulous Christmas and Birthday!!

Humble wife said...

LOVE! Happy Belated to you!! I personally love your crying are loved and you are tender and emotional. That is a blessing.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

A belated happy birthday! Enjoy the new computer.

Humble wife said...

Thank you Susan for the info on Bill Cloud! We live about 100 miles from Artesia so we are planning on going next week!

Unknown said...

I so enjoyed these photos! Great gifts, each and every one!

retha said...

I like how they took a photo of the crying! And those socks!! They are great.