Sunday, January 5, 2014


Jacque was not able to make the Florida Christmas trip in 2013, due to her work schedule.  Uncle Jerry brought not only Jacque's Christmas gift, for our exchange, but a BIG box for us to bring home to her.  As soon as we arrived home on the 29th we immediately went to her home in Broken Arrow to give her the surprise.

Uncle Jerry sent her ALL these lovely nutcrackers.
3 big 
5 medium
2 small
10 total
Needless to say, she was thrilled with this show of love.  
These had belonged to Jerry & his wife Sunnie and had been boxed up for the past 8 years. 

You can see the massive collection she already has...
including the three we just gave her at her birthday dinner on December 20th.
 on the bookshelf
 on the mantle
 on the plant stand
Another shot of the plant stand showing the 3 Halloween Nutcrackers she purchased in October, plus the BIGGEST Nutcracker which was our gift to her Christmas of 2012. 

Jacque called me yesterday to share that Benny had brought home a new bookcase to display them on all year-round.  How sweet. 
Collections are fun things!
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Mari said...

What a wonderful surprise for Jacque! She has quite a collection!

Unknown said...

That's a nice Uncle! They're a great variation !

retha said...

An uncle who knows how to be an uncle!; Knowing what a niece likes and just as amazing giving an 'heirloom'