Friday, April 11, 2014


Broadway Bakery & Cafe recently opened downtown Coweta.  They are open for lunch and Mickey, Aric & I visited them recently on a Tuesday after King's Kitchen.  

When the new owner found out we serve 50+ shuts-in's a meal every Tuesday they offered to donate the doughnuts that did not sell each Sunday (they are closed Mondays) for us to use on Tuesday's!!!

 We could not believe all the variety and boxeS (yes plural!!) we picked up.  Here is just a sampling of delicious, appealing variety of doughnuts.
The first week we were able to send out 3 items with each meal.

The quantity we get will, of course, depend on what is left each Sunday. The second week they were completely sold out.  Last week we were able to have 2 a piece for every delivery.  

Mickey, Danny & Robin and the chests and racks they had just emptied for us!!

Today Mickey and I dropped in for lunch.  Mickey had a cheeseburger and I had a BLT and of course fresh made home style fries.  YUM!!!  My BLT was absolutely delicious and will probably become my "regular".  

Everything is delicious so be sure and stop by, get to know this lovely couple and welcome them to our little burg of Coweta.

Just ANOTHER blessing from God for The King's Kitchen.  

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Mari said...

A blessing indeed! And I know the owner is blessed by the giving.

Barbara said...


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a wonderful, wonderful blessing.

kc bob said...

What a great story Susan. Panera Bread does something similar with bread and pastries left over. If you contact them they may be willing to donate to the King's Kitchen.

retha said...

Living in a community is a wonderful thing.