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Mary Lee Glassburn

God works in marvelous ways in the lives of His own.

Such is the story of our friendship and connection with Mary Lee. In September,2012 our California son was flying Mickey & I to San Francisco for a visit with him.  I asked if we could first fly into Phoenix for a few days to visit a dear couple, Danny & Kathy Wright, and their children, Bethany & Daniel.  Our son David was agreeable and the flights were booked.

I wanted to SURPRISE Kathy with this visit so contacted Danny privately and told him our plans and could we pull it off.  Danny was agreeable and connected us with Mary Lee, who I knew a little bit, via blogland, to work out the details. 

During the following weeks, through e-mails back & forth, Mary Lee took care of locating the motel for us to stay in that was close to The Wright's home.  We had planned to fly in, rent a car and proceed to said motel, but Mary Lee insisted we did not need to rent a car, she would pick us up at the airport!!!

When our plane landed on Saturday here was Mary Lee, not only picking us up but informing us that she had taken off work on Monday and would be our "wheels and chauffeur" the entire weekend and take us to the airport on Monday to fly on to San Francisco. She and Danny had also devised the "cover-up" of Danny suggesting that he and Kathy go garage selling that morning so Mary Lee could get us to their home.  Danny & Kathy entered the house via their garage and the children detained Kathy in the kitchen as Danny joined us for the grand SURPRISE.  

THIS is what Kathy saw, a few minutes later, as she made her way into their living room.
Talk about surprised.  Yes, Kathy was VERY surprised!!  

The 7 of us spent all day Saturday visiting and talking, and TALKING, and visiting some more.  

Mickey & I wanted to treat us all to a nice dinner so they selected a wonderful Italian place that was quiet and the food was delicious.  We had our waiter take this picture of our group.

By now it was almost bedtime, after a full, busy day so Mary Lee took us to our motel, and she went home.  The next morning Mary Lee, Bethany & Daniel picked us up and we joined Kathy & Danny at their church, Covenant Grace, and we had the joy of participating in Worship lead by Kathy with Danny on the drums.

Back to The Wrights lovely home after church and a delightful meal prepared by Kathy.  Another wonderful afternoon with the 7 of us talking, sharing and sharing some more.

Monday morning Mary Lee in her vehicle, and all the Wrights in theirs, are picking us up at the motel.  We check out and all go out to breakfast before saying our goodbyes and Mary Lee driving us to the airport for our departure.

These 3 days with Mary Lee and getting to know her developed a very deep kinship and a place in our hearts for her that was deep.  

When her journey with her illness began we were in constant contact with Kathy, praying daily and holding her in our thoughts and sending Mary Lee a few cards of encouragement.

From our physical distance of many miles and several states away we held Mary Lee close to our hearts and always in our thoughts. Yes, God had cemented a connection between our Spirits and hers. Although we weren't there we are fully aware of the GOOD fight of Faith that Mary Lee fought.

We have shed many tears over the last 4 days after hearing Hospice had been called in and her family was with her.  Mary Lee's fight with the dreaded CANCER (how I hate that word!!) was very similar to that of our beloved Suzette so it hit Mickey & I especially hard.  Yes, they both fought such galant fights of good faith and ready to go HOME where there is no sorrow and no tears. 

Sharing a few pictures that I got via Kathy to show the many reasons why we loved her and who she REALLY is.
Putting one over (or trying to)on Kathy.  Instigated by Mary Lee I'm sure!!

 The love and patience she had for Bethany & Daniel. I love this picture because it shows how long she has been an important part of their family.

Her beloved Sunday School class

Always the beloved cut-up.

Mary Lee's Memorial Services
today, June 28, 2014 at 11 a.m.
Covenant Grace Church
Phoenix, Arizona

We are there in Spirit and in our Hearts!!!
Tell our Suzette "hi" and give her a BIG HUG
you're going to get to see and meet her before we do.

We love you, Mary Lee,
         Mickey & Susan 
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retha said...

Such a gift to you all.

Mari said...

Susan, this was a wonderful post! I too got to know Mary Lee via her blog and also on FB. I always enjoyed the sense of humor she conveyed.
I was thankful that Kathy kept us informed when Mary Lee wasn't able to be on the computer.
I never was able to meet her on earth, but will be happy to see her in heaven!

Danny Wright said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes yet again. Thank you so much for reminding me of those days, and Mary Lee's willingness to serve not only you and Mickey but our family--and hers-- as well. She has taught us so much, she will be so dearly missed. We now carry with us a dear grief.