Sunday, July 13, 2014


.....With my 3 guys. This Saturday was spent with Mickey & I taking the pick-up and heading to Owasso for Mickey to help will getting the new bed.  Marc was still at work but we went earlier than the 4 o'clock we were told to be there so Mickey & Aric could get the preliminary work done.

1st - remove existing twin bed from the guest bedroom to the garage for Marc to give away.

2nd - dismantle existing queen size bed from Marc's bedroom and move it to the guest room and reassemble it there.

By this time, Marc had come in and he and Mickey went to pick-up the new bed.    

Just pictures of these three: Grandfather Mickey, Father Marc, Son & Grandson Aric putting together Marc's new queen box springs and mattress.  

 Assembling the frame

 Showing out and acting silly

 Box spring set on frame

 Checking out the mattress

 First tester

Seeing how it feels.

THEN we headed out to El Chico Mexican Restaurant to meet Aric's Great Grandmother Beryl and Great Aunt Kathy who live in Texarkana and Tulsa family friend Barb for dinner.  Kathy was in town showing her wonderful hand made glass jewelry at the 3 day Affair of the Heart craft show.  Delightful meal, time and visit with these 3 special ladies in our lives.  Didn't take a picture one----bummer.

I am so grateful for our busy, involved, never a dull moment life and the joy of my 3 guys!!!

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Mari said...

I always love the posts that show the relationship these 3 guys have. What a heritage for Aric!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Busy guys! And you really do have to test out those things.

retha said...

Beds here does not have the frame they were assembling. The 'box' has a short leg on each corner and the mattress on top.