Friday, September 5, 2014

DAVID'S VISIT - August 28-September 3, 2014

What a wonderful time we had!!!!  Just mostly hanging out, having fun, acting silly, playing games and talk, talk, TALKING!!!

 Here's the 6 who were here.
Marc, Aric, Mickey (in 1st), Susan (in 2nd)
David, Jacque

These were taken Saturday morning as we were waiting for our table at Egg It On Cafe for brunch.
Then Mickey, Jacque, & David and I came to our house and the 3 of them played their X-box golf game.  That evening we invited our dear friend, Don, over to join us for sandwiches so he & David could visit. David & Mickey also spent time via the phone & X-box instructing Jacque how to connect with them so she can join in the games with David from his home in Florida. 

 A guys group hug at Marc's home one of the times we had been together and were leaving

 Having fun playing Apples to Apples game at Mom & Dad's. 

Single shot of Jacque who only got to be with us the one time on Saturday due to her work schedule and a birthday celebration on Benny's side of the family.

Just all being together and hanging out is what we enjoy doing.  Of course there was one night that David & I had to stay up TALKING very late one night (which we paid for dearly the next day!).

Mickey, Marc, Aric & David played their X-box golf game one day. Jacque, Mickey & David played the game on Saturday.  Can't believe I didn't get a picture of either occasion :o( When these golf games are going on I'm usually in the office on fb and relishing the laughter, camaraderie and fun that emanates from the living room  

David went with us to The King's Kitchen and participate in the entire 3+ hour preparation with the entire crew.  I was so upset I was so busy I forgot to get pictures!!!  It was such a treat for all three of us: Dad,Mom,Son and was a very special time.  David could not get over all the joy and camaraderie of this wonderful team of helpers who have done this every Tuesday for the past 4 years and 6 months.  It was great for him to get to meet all of them and for them to get to meet this son we talk about so much.  

It was a wonderful, fun, relaxing family time for all 7 of us. 
So thankful for his visit and he left with a promise to try and get home every 6 months.  We'll see!!!

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Mari said...

This post just radiates joy! I totally understand. Having your kids together is just the best. :)
I have a feeling that Suzette is especially missed during these times.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a wonderful, fun time!

retha said...

Like that hug!
Strange how those late night visits is often the nicest. Those the ones before you know it the clock hands are going so fast down after they reached the 'zenith'