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OH HAPPY DAY - A brief history of Oksana's returning to her father's house and a wonderful new chapter in her life.

 This was yesterday, September 13th, right after Oksana and I had returned home from shopping for Business Casual clothing for her. I was so happy she invited me to go along.  We had a wonderful time.    
 December 31, 2010, and a very sad day in our lives ~~ because the following day, January 1st, 2011, Marc was taking Oksana to live with her mother in Indiana.  She was 1 month and 19 days shy of turning 16.  

Her visit in June, 2011 with her brother Aric. Aric is grinning from ear-to-ear  because in that 6 months time he had grown taller than she.  Aric is 4 years younger than Oksana.

Her annual visit 2012 - 17 years old. I love these two with all my heart!

 On the beach in Florida, 2013, where our family spent Christmas with son David.  Marc flew Oksana in to be with us - 18 years old.

Grandpa with his beloved granddaughter.

A joyous and happy day in the Joyce household and our lives - September 5, 2013.  Marc fly to Indianapolis to meet Oksana, who had driven about 1 1/2 hours from where she had been living to meet him. Oksana picked Marc up at the airport, their timing was perfect as he landed about 5 minutes after she arrived.  Oksana drove her car all the way home - with dad as passenger.  They arrived in Tulsa to pick-up Marcs car from the airport at midnight.
OKSANA IS HOME - We could not be more delighted !!!!!

Oksana yesterday before the clothes shopping trip.
She did such a great job.  She had done her research about building a work environment wardrobe using a few basic pieces and co-ordinating the colors to switch and match.  I was actually surprised and very please how decisive she was in making her choices.

She purchased 2 pair of dress slacks, one with a matching short jacket, two dresses (one of which is in the first photo), 7 or 8  tops (can't remember for sure!), a cardigan sweater, another button-up sweater and 2 pair of dress shoes. All for under $300!!!

After shopping we went to Braums for ice cream and then back to the house to show off all her clothes to her dad & grandpa (Needless to say 15 year old Aric was not too interested!) Both men gave their approval.

She will be looking like a million dollars when she begins her new, temporary-part time, job next week at the firm her father is Office Administrator at for the 3 state offices: Tulsa, Norman & Oklahoma City.

We are believing within about 90 days, if she does really well and we know she can and will, she will be given a permanent position and a real opportunity to work herself up and make a career for herself.
Marc is placing her under someone else for training and supervision and will totally keep his distance.  My son Marc and I have worked together at 3 different times over our careers in the Accounting Business.  The first two times I was over him, and Praise God, he had advanced so well, the last position he was my boss!!! I'm just pointing this out because our family knows how to handle working together and keeping work and family totally separated. 

I end this as I began:

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Believing and praying it works out great for her!

Mari said...

So thankful for this answered prayer. God is indeed faithful!

Sunny said...

So glad for your answered prayers, Susan, and yes.... He is always faithful!!
I learned a long time ago, God answers prayer "in His time". We just need to be faithful and keep on believing.

retha said...

Delighted to hear Oksana is back home. And working 'with' her father!
When the parent are the passenger then your child has really grown.

Sylvia said...

Couldn't be more thankful

Cheryl @ TFD said...

It was so nice to read of your granddaughter's return home! She looks so pretty in her new dress. I wish her much success with her new job!