Sunday, March 15, 2015


                                    Milestone = a Significant Event

Our Granddaughter Oksana is no longer a teen-ager!!!
Oksana's 20th Birthday Dinner and Celebration February 20th

Her location choice for celebrating her birthday was BROOK SOUTH.
It was a packed Friday evening crowd but we got seated fairly quickly.

Aunt Jacque, Brother Aric, Grandma Susan & Grandpa Mickey

Dad Marc & his friend Gayle 

Birthday girl with her friend Derick 

Not a lot of pictures of gifts because Oksana had requested the family go together and replace the broken, back left window of her car and that is what we did.  There of course were cards but I failed to get pictures of those.

Since this was a "milestone" Birthday it was now my turn to give my granddaughter a special keepsake from her Grandmother Susan.  

This note accompanied this bracelet & earring set.


Your 20th Birthday is a milestone taking
you to another decade.

I wanted to give you something of mine that
has happy memories.

I was given this
when I was 15.
That was 62 years ago.

I trust they will become a happy memory for you
of this occasion and of me your Grandmother.

I love you and am so proud
of the beautiful young woman
you are becoming.


Friday, February 20, 2015 

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Mari said...

Another special night for your family!
I love the milestone gifts you give your grandkids. I think they will treasure them and the memories that go with them for the rest of their lives.

Brenda said...

She's beautiful, Susan. And I see a resemblance in you both.

retha said...

How beautiful and grown she is!I think it is a great idea, giving something like this from her grandmother, on a special occasion.

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

It is blessing to be able to pass on things that we cherish to the people we love and who are connected to us. Sometimes people don't have the chance to do that, and something a family member might have wanted ends up in the "jumble sale."

pearlie said...

She's beautiful.
Ah, my son's birthday is on 20/2 too!