Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Very Special Gift From FAR-FAR AWAY from Very Special PEOPLE

On February 11th I received a phone call from The Green Parrot Cafe informing me that our wonderful friends, from South Africa had contacted them and purchased a gift certificate for Mickey, son Marc, grandson Aric and myself to enjoy a meal.  Talk about shocked and stunned.  I can only imagine the love, time and effort that went into their doing this!  First, locating a local cafe here in Coweta and then going through all the work, and back & forth they had to go through, to accomplish this surprise.

Due to Mickey's health and the hospitalizations, Dr. appointments, procedures, and just generally being basically home bound the majority of the time,  it took us 52 days to reap the joy and thrill of this unique and wonderful love.              

The four of us  awaiting our order.

The three generation of Joyce men as we enter 
The Green Parrot Cafe
This Cafe was established in 1942, 73 years ago and when I was a 4 years old child in Santa Fe, New Mexico and had never even heard of Coweta, Oklahoma!!!
It is on the main street, which is Broadway, and is known by everyone who lives in Coweta.
It is a landmark and a hangout for many of the locals.
The only female in this group getting a picture of the front window and sign (and myself!)
One of the nice things about The Green Parrot is they serve breakfast the entire 7 1/2 hours they are opened, in addition to a large selection of other items and a daily special.
Our choices ran the gambit - Aric had breakfas: waffle, egg, bacon - Mickey & Marc both had the Chicken fried steak special with 2 vegetables & bread - Susan had hamburger with fries.
EVERYTHING home-style and freshly prepared.
ALL was delicious and we were filled to the brim.
Another interesting thing, on this particular day, other than the owner and cook, I was the only female and all the other patrons were men.

The inside is all panelled with knotty pine and has the old time counter, stools and malt machine
Plus lots & lots of Parrot pictures, figurines and other Parrot items collected over the years.
Yes, quite a unique place and a very unique gift for us from so FAR away.
In a perfect world we would LOVE to have Jason, Retha & Ethan with us eating here at 
The Green Parrot in Coweta, Oklahoma.

Mickey & I all smiles and full of joy and gratitude for so blessing us with such a strong SPIRITUAL and LOVING connection with Jason, Rethan and their son Ethan.
It brings tears to my eyes on many occasions when I marvel at the great work GOD has done, and is doing, in our lives and friendship together.  ONLY GOD!!!! 

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Lady Jane said...

You have a lot to be thankful for. God is truly good.

Mari said...

Oh Susan, this post made me teary! What a wonderful, sweet thing to do. I certainly would not wish for Mickey to be sick, but I've been blessed by the frequent ways God has used others to shower His love on you!

retha said...

It was our pleasure. Pa Mickey looks much improved in health. Always good to see three generations of family together.


retha said...

I liked that history part of the cafe. retha

pearlie said...

That was indeed sweet. It is ever so delightful to receive surprises such as these. I pray that Mickey will continue to get better and better. Hugs!!!